Leaders in the Preservation of Human Life

Red Shirt Robotics was found in the USA in 2011 as a Robotics Research and Development venture. The founds of Red Shirt Robotics have been leaders in robotics, wireless communications, consumer electronics and networking for more than 30 years. In fact, the founders of the company have been issued more than 200 US and international patents in all these areas.

Red Shirt Robotics developed a great deal of is robotics technology through competition by participating in the sport of combat robotics for more than 17 years. Some of the more notable technologies that we developed in combat robotics include:

      • Tele-operation and AI assisted robotics control systems
      • Ease of control, even when our robots are badly damaged
      • Expertise in machines fighting machines
      • Rapid repair and reconfiguration of machines to match battlefield conditions
      • Affordable manufacturing technologies
      • An extensive technology supply chain including radios, batteries, electronic speed controllers, motors, etc.

At Red Shirt Robotics, we are focused primarily on Surveillance and Combat solutions. We sell into the civilian personal defense market as well as the military and police market.

Surveillance solutions include Indoor, Outdoor and Underground applications. Typically these applications include some kind of mobile sensor platform and may or may not require manipulator arms, armor and weapons.

Combat solutions include any solutions where the robot is expected to exercise force. These solutions almost always include a weapon turret with flexible mounts for various kinds of lethal and non-lethal weapons. Armor is also common in these applications.

We offer a large number of options and configurations to meet various needs spanning the surveillance and combat solution space.

The coming Robotic Market Disruption

Strong integration of Networking is a game changer

Through strong integration of networking as a foundation layer, our Robots go from being a force divider to a force multiplier.


Moving from Tele-operated robots to a robotic Infosphere

Robotically facilitated communities of interest allow Everyone/Everything to meet, communicate and shares information on the same network. Out robotic information system supports both connected and disconnected operation.

Emergence of a Robotic Platform

At Red Shirt Robotics, we've focused on creating the technologies necessary to build a fully automated, open and extensible Robotic Platform. To do this, we've address hardware, software and systems.

Red Shirt Robotics is more than Just Robots

At Red Shirt Robotics we have developed a flexible and extensible robotics platform, not just a robot. Our platform incorporates standardized bolt plates and hole patterns for add-adds. We publish industry standard DXF's for the bolt patterns to facilitate building accessors for our robots. Power, communications and basic I/O extensions are accommodated by each robot to allow further integration.

Red Shirt has a unified family of 5 different specialized hardware platforms to choose from. The various platforms can be mixed and matched to suite various missions and deployment profiles. All robots and systems are fully designed to inter-operate with one another across all 5 types.

What brings it all together is Red Shirt's comprehensive Robot Command, Control and Communications system (RC3S.) In RC3S everything is network rather than communicating with simple point to point links. The system provides for both human and robot communications. Its also extensible to enable IP based third party devices to communicate across the fabric. RC3S is truly a force multiplier, allowing control systems that range from simple first person tele-operation to third person tactical control. In essence Red Shirt systems are intuitive and simple to control, which makes them more effective in a real-world, stressful situation.