Product Warranty

Red Shirt Robotics provides a 30-day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. This Warranty is applicable to Manufacturer’s defects only.

A Manufacturer’s defect refers to the frailty or shortcoming in a Product resulting from a departure from its specified design requirements during Production.

This Warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser of a new Product that was not sold “as is”. Product must be purchased from an authorized reseller or directly from Red Shirt Robotics. A purchase receipt or other proof of the date and location of retail purchase as well as the purchase price is required in order to claim the benefit of this Warranty.

If a Manufacturer defect arises:

Within the 30-day Warranty Period you may contact Red Shirt Robotics Customer Support to arrange for the replacement or repair of the Product. Red Shirt Robotics reserves the right to test the returned Product in order to verify that it is indeed a Manufacturer’s defect before exchanging the Product. In the event that a replacement for this Product is not available this Product will be replaced by Red Shirt Robotics with a Product of equivalent or greater retail value.

Notwithstanding the foregoing terms of this Warranty, Red Shirt Robotics reserves the right at all times, at its sole option and discretion, to refund to you the purchase price paid by you for this Product in full and final settlement of Red Shirt Robotics’ obligations under this Warranty.

If this Product is replaced, the replacement Product becomes your property and the replaced Product becomes Red Shirt Robotics' property. If Red Shirt Robotics refunds the purchase price of this Product, this Product must be returned to Red Shirt Robotics and becomes Red Shirt Robotics' property.

The Red Shirt Robotics Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover the normal and intended use of this Product as this is likely and expected to potentially cause damage to the Product given the unique application the Product has been designed for. This warranty only covers defects in manufacturing the product. Further, This Warranty does not apply:

  1. to any damage resulting from abuse, accident, unreasonable use, improper handling and care or other external causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship;
  2. to any hardware, software or other add-on components installed by the end-user;
  3. to damage arising from any service performed by an individual who is not an authorized representative of Red Shirt Robotics;
  4. if this Product has been disassembled or modified in any way;
  5. to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents or broken plastic, or normal wear and tear.

Red Shirt Robotics' responsibility for Product defects is limited to the repair or replacement of this Product or the refund of the purchase price for this Product. All express and implied warranties, including but not limited to any implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in time to the term of this limited Warranty. No warranties, whether express or implied, will apply after the expiration of the limited Warranty period.

If any term of this Warranty is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the legality or enforceability of the remaining terms shall not be affected or impaired. Except as provided in this Warranty and to the extent permitted by law, Red Shirt Robotics is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages howsoever caused resulting from breach of Warranty or condition or under any other legal theory, including but not limited to loss of use. The foregoing limitation shall not apply to death or personal injury claims, or any statutory liability for intentional and gross negligent acts and/or omissions.

Red Shirt Robotics (and distributors) disclaims all liability, including liability for infringement of any proprietary rights, relating to use of information in any documents and files and software and no license, express or implied, by Red Shirt Robotics or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted herein. Red Shirt Robotics (and distributors) assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in any documentation or files or any software that may be provided. The information in any documents or files is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Red Shirt Robotics (and distributors).


This Warranty is separate from any and all Authorized Reseller’s Return Policies. It is not in addition to the specified terms and conditions of the Authorized Reseller

This Warranty is upheld by the governing law of the state of North Carolina.