Type 1

Rugged, Outdoor, All Weather, All Terrain Platform


  • Run Time: 4-8 hours continuous run time (days of standby time)
  • Range: 50 miles depending on terrain
  • Top Speed: 10 mph
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 500-700 lbs based on configuration
  • Payload: 300 lbs, Towing 1000 lbs
  • Shocks: Adjustable coil over shocks
  • Drive: Two ind√©pendant rear drive motors
  • Steering: Rack and Pinion with sensor feedback
  • Steering Assist: Rear wheel turn rate varies to assist in steering
  • Wheels: 4 x 110 mm standard ATV bolt pattern
  • Standard Tires: 22"x10" front and rear
  • Standard Camera: 6 mega-pixel color image
  • Standard battery pack: 50 Ah at 24 VDC, 1200 Watt-hours. Peak Current 2400 Amps. Max charge rate of 240 Amps per bank (2 banks per robot)
  • Temperature: -40 to +85C
  • IP65 protection


  • Extended battery pack, 100 Ah at 24 VDC, 2400 Watt-Hours. Peak current of 4000 Amps. Max charge rate of 480 Amps per bank (2 banks per robot)
  • 2" hitch and receiver for towing
  • Upgrade to run flat tires
  • Bolt plates for the body and turret for attaching accessories
  • Reactive Armor for the body, turret and camera
  • Gun turret with single gun setup and MCX practice air gun
  • Add second gun setup to gun turret (includes second MCX practice air gun)
  • Laser designator for gun (one may be added for each gun)
  • LED lights (up to two sets)
  • Additional B/W camera for low light operation
  • Additional Color camera
  • Custom paint job (single color)
  • Custom tool set
  • Maintenance lift/platform (requires user supplied air compressor)

Spares kits

  • Mechanical wear parts (includes bolts, shock rebuild kit, rubber seals, u-joints, steering box)
  • electronics (navigation computer, speed controller, fuses, ethernet switch, power switch, charger)
  • Drive motors (steering, 1 main drive, 1 turret actuator, 1 trigger servo)
  • Comprehensive spares kit (includes all kits)

Pricing and Availability

Standard packages can be ordered directly from Will Moon's Customer Knives.

If you want a special configuration or non-standard options, please call our main number at 919-389-8206 and speak to one of our sales resources for pricing and delivery times.

Prices for the T1 range from $59K for a bare bones system to over $100K for a fully loaded machine with most options and a comprehensive spares kit.

There are several discount packages listed under each application for the robots.

Lead time on delivery of standard packages range from 4 to 6 weeks. Please read our Warranty, Return Policy and Order Change Processes before placing your order.