Emergence of Robots as Weapon Systems and Force Multipliers

Red Shirt Robotics is focused developing and delivering personal defense robotic systems. Personal defense robots are robots that serve to protect human life in a number of unique and novel ways.

Key System Features

Need to Streamline Workforce Size

There is a growing focus on the need for quality over quantity. Large workforces, regardless of their mission tend to lead to an overall poor work quality. By utilizing smaller, more highly skilled work forces quality can be improved. Read how our robots can improve both quality and productivity.

Need to Respond to Asymmetric Threats

Conflicts are a daily occupancy in the world today. Many of the threats that we face at home, in our country and abroad are asymmetric threats rather than conventional warfare, policing or security. Read how our robots can address some of the unique challenges of Asymmetric Threats in a cost effective way.

Need to improve the Tempo of Engagement

The Tempo of Engagement refers to how quickly one can respond to a dynamic environment in which real time tactical decisions need to be made and then acted upon. Learn hour our robots can deliver faster more aggressive responses with no concern for loss of machines while at the same time providing a more effective engagement.