Roadside traffic stops

Accidental shoots and traffic stops are a real problem in policing today. Its a difficult situation that often leads to racial conflict and loss of life. At Red Shirt Robotics we are committed to perseveration of human life where possible and we believe we can offer a much better solution to this problem.

When an officer rolls up to a police stop, a T1 can be dropped from the back of the cruiser and rolled up to do the initial contact and assessment. If the driver of the vehicle makes some careless moves -- the officer's life is not in danger so no rash decision need be made. Having the T1 do the initial contact means that there's plenty of time to let things play out and to make better tactical decisions. If the person stopped is a threat and attempts to "shoot" the robot, no problem, it has armor and can respond with a non-lethal round to take the suspect into custody. We believe that this operational procedure would save lives on both sides and de-escilate potential tension between the police and the community.

Using a T1 for policing gives you two key advantages: Increase the time needed to make good decisions and does not require lethal force to be used to detail a suspect.

Active Shooter

Red Shirt Robotics offers a variety of robots that can aid in responding to an Active Shooter. A squad of robots can be delivered to the scene of an active shooter with a T5. The T5 provides wide area communications for our robotic InfoSphere and can also provide emergency communications coverage for the first responders at the scene. T1's can be deployed against ground and outside targets regardless of the terrain and weather conditions. T4's can be deployed inside buildings and striations where greater mobility would be required. T3's can provide tactical overview's by hovering over the scene. All sensors, images and systems seamlessly work together to for a Community of Interest to that can be tasked to address the issue.

The robots are hardened agains most ground fire. This allows them to utilize non-lethal force against the shooter(s) to maximize the opportunity to "catch" and interrogate them rather than having to kill them. The robots can also carry lethal weapons in the event that no other option would be available to stop the shooting.