Personal Property Protection

Personal Defense and Property Protection:

There are some certain circumstances in which the Red Shirt family of robots may be desirable for personal defense and property protection. In these cases we sell our robots with a variety of non-lethal and lethal weapon systems. Our intent is to make our robots available to civilians as well as to MIL/LEO units.

Our systems are combat hardened, durable, simple and rugged, making it an excellent system for those who may require a ruggedized combat robot where a particular area of interest needs to be defended. For example, you may have a piece of property, Bug out Location, bunker, hardened safehouse or other structure of interest that is vital to personal survival in a worst-case-scenerio where, in such case that this location is compromised, may lead to one's immediate harm. Leaving the relative safety of said structure may also compromise your personal safety, and the safety of all those who depend on your survival. At Red Shirt Robotics, we don't like to compromise.

We have designed our robots to be safely operated from within a well defended position, allowing civilians to chase away would-be attackers, marauders and bandits to preserve the lives of those within the aforementioned safehouse. By not leaving the safety of the safehouse, there is no danger that the safehouse will be compromised and the lives of those within are safeguarded. The robot can be used to protect the supplies and resources of the group, allowing for much improved survivability. This makes the Red Shirt family of robots the ultimate bunker or prepper accessory.

Typical deployment: Shown below is a home to be protected. A T4 is position within the home for last ditch protection. Several T2's are placed at strategic positions along the perimeter of the property to provide area denial. During a ready condition, T3's can be launched to extend network coverage over the whole property and a T1 can be tasked to interdict any intruders that breach the T2's.