Battery Technology

At Red Shirt Robotics we utilize some of the most advanced batteries available. We have been pioneers in using advanced battery technology in our combat robots for many years and have incorporated everything we've learned about rugged, high capacity batteries into our products.

Our batteries are Lithium based (LiFePO4 to be exact.) Lithium batteries voltages remain relatively constant while discharging while voltages for more common lead-acid batteries decreases rapidly under load. Constant voltage means we can deliver constant power through out our battery life and therefore effectively use more of the capacity in the battery without damaging the battery itself. In fact, our batteries can use 100% of their storage capability (measured in Amp-Hour, or Ah), while a lead-acid battery typically only uses 30% of its capacity.

LiFePO4 battery cells by their nature are 3.3 volts, therefore our 12 volt lithium batteries are created by combining 4 cells in series giving an actual voltage of 13.2 volts per battery pack. Our main line robots, like the T1, contain up to 8 of these battery packs within the robot arranged as 2 in series and 4 in parallel.

Each of our battery packs features an integrated Battery Management System or BMS that monitors the charge level of each of the cells in the pack. The BMS protects the batteries for abuse and keeps the cells balanced over the long run so that each pack will last as long as possible and deliver optimal performance. The BMS also allows for fairly primitive charging of the packs via solar or un-regulated DC feeds.