Reactive Armor Technology


All of our robot platforms offer Reactive Armor options to protect all vital surfaces and their sensitive electronics. Our reactive armor technology was developed and tested over years of combat robotics, with machines fighting machines in the arena to the death.

For our personal defense robots, we've taken that battle hardened technology to the next level and have validate our armor's effectiveness against a variety of small arms fire.

Our reactive armor is designed to be highly survivable with less weight than traditional armor. Our armor is very flexible and can be re-configured based on mission requirements and anticipated threats. Finally, its very easy to repair and affordable to replace when needed.

How it works

Our reactive armor design is based on a layered defense. We feature three different levels of reactive armor starting with Level 1 and going to Level 3 depending on customer needs. All of our robotic platforms include Level 1 armor standard (unless noted otherwise.) Each level of armor is additive, meaning Level 2 armor can be added on top of Level 1 and similarly Level 3 armor can be added on top of Level 2 (which is of course added to level 1) armor.

  • Level 1 Armor: Repairable Steel Hull. All our platforms are fabricated from a high grade steel that is balanced between toughness and ductility and is easily repaired. In addition, the interior of most of our robot platforms features carefully placed interior armor plates designed to reduce shrapnel damage in the event of a hull breach.
  • Level 2 Armor: Aluminum Bolt Plats (ABP's.) Our aluminum bolt plates can be added to the basic steel hull to provide a second layer of defense. We use a combination of ballistic aluminum alloys to provide a fairly effective defense against many kinds of projectiles. The aluminum plates are excellent at heat dissipation. In addition to being part of our armor system, Aluminum bolt plates are also used to attached various options and third party accessories to the robot.
  • Level 3 Armor: Abrasion resistant disposable outer armor couple with our A-BEG and S2M systems. In most cases, the Layer 3 armor will defeat a small arms round by itself. In those extreme cases where the Layer 3 armor is penetrated, then our A-BEG and S2M serve to further defeat the round before it impacts the Layer 2 armor.
    • Air-Ballistic Expansion Gap (A-BEG). A special air gap is allowed between the Layer 2 and Layer 3 armor. This air gap allows hot projectiles to both expand and cool as they transit from the outer layer 3 armor and just before they impact the inner layer 2 armor.
    • Silicon Shock Mounts (S2M). Special extended temperature shocks are provided between the Layer 2 and Layer 3 armor. These shocks allow the Layer 3 armor to take the initial shock of an impact and move slightly and slowing before taking the full Kinetic Energy (KE) of the ballistic impact.